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Tallow Soap | WILD - Zeolite | 120g

Tallow Soap | WILD - Zeolite | 120g

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Tasmanian rain forests are famous for their delicious aroma and sense of well being. Basking in the smell of soft peat and the abundance of life is a sensation that is hard to describe.

This soap aims to capture the essence of Tasmania’s wilderness leaving your skin feeling exhilarated and deeply nourished.


Tasmanian Grass-fed Beef Fats, Tasmanian Extra Virgin Cold-pressed Olive Oil, Lye Water, Tasmanian Bees Wax, Zeolite Powder, Essential Oil of Lemon Myrtle.

Benefits of Zeolite:

'Like so many other volcanic substances, zeolite is a master of detoxification. It has an extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release, and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, toxins, and ions according to need in your body. Much like activated charcoal, it helps to draw out impurities in your skin and is even being studied as a way to reduce and stop the growth of skin cancer in dogs through topical application.'