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What is the difference between Tallow and Dripping?
Tallow is suet (kidney and loin) fat. Suet is a highly vascularised and nutrient dense product. It is one of nature’s richest sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is typically much firmer than body fat at room temperature.

Dripping is made from subcutaneous fat deposits around the body. When derived from free-to-roam & grass-fed animals it is a gorgeous golden colour, usually quite soft and easy to apply any time of the year.

Both are ideal for frying and deep frying due to their high smoking point at approx. 250 degrees celsius.

Is your Dripping organic?

Can you remember a time when ‘organic’ simply meant natural wholesome goodness?

Long before organic became a verifiable registration, our Tasmanian farmers were raising cattle on lush wild paddocks, exposed to raw salty sea spray and rich heavy rains. 

Today, organic certification can mean the animal is fed with ‘organic’ soy, grain, wheat, corn and palm kernel husks - far removed from the natural food chain of the animal.

Instead, we are committed to providing a premium product that we see as superior to an organic label which can be achieved bureaucratically. Our assurance is simple: Our product is sourced from free-to-roam 100% grass-fed Tasmanian cattle. Nothing else is introduced to the diet, including grain.

‘Grass fed’ often means cattle are finished on grain. Is your dripping truly 100% grass fed?

Meats Standard Australia (MSA) allows for grass fed cattle to be grain finished for a period of 70 days.

We categorically do not subscribe to this practice. Our butchers buy straight from the paddock. Our cattle is 100% grass fed. No grain. No antibiotics. No growth hormones.

Do your products contain hydrogenated Fats?

Dripping tallow ghee duck fat
Our products are as primal as possible. As you can see in our photos - all fats can be distinguished by their unique colours. This would not be the case after hydrogenation.

Do you deodorise your product?

This is one of our favourite questions - if you have used our beef product you will understand why. People who are ‘dripping converts’ love its taste and aroma. For some, particularly those new to the world of dripping, they can find the beef aroma strong. In this instance, Lamb dripping can be a lovely way to introduce fat into the diet which fills the home with a delicious roast lamb aroma. Alternatively, Lard is an all-time favourite, like cooking with liquid bacon it has a sweet, slightly nutty aroma.

Remember, our dripping is refined from animals that are 100% grass fed and free to roam. Essentially, animals are a product of their environment. Aroma variations between batches are another indicator of authenticity. The concept of “paddock to plate” is realised in this product.

No, we do not deodorise our products.

How long does it take to ship my order?

We dispatch twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays.

Orders from Tasmania have to leave the island so generally take a little longer. Our courier will give you a tracking code so you can see exactly where your order is along the way.

Your order should arrive within 10 working days. 

Express postage is available to those requiring a speedier delivery. These are generally still dispatched Mondays and Thursdays.

How do I store my dripping?

Generally, dripping can be stored in the pantry for extended periods but this depends on how often you use it and what you do with the leftovers (cooking excess) after use.

From our experience, dripping keeps perfectly well in a dripping pot. If you are buying larger quantities to use over extended periods then dripping is best stored refrigerated or frozen. Our dripping is naturally preservative free.

How do I use my Dripping Pot?

Our dripping pots are oven proof earthenware, handmade in Tasmania. In our personal cooking, we utilise the fat left over. Fat takes on the flavours of the cooking, rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, released during the cooking process.

After cooking, the leftover fat is poured carefully into the dripping pot. You can re-use this straight away for your next meal or wait until your pot is filled with delicious layers resulting from a variety of meal preparations. We love placing a layered pot into an oven on low heat, creating a blend of nutrient-dense gourmet fat. We like to add a spoonful of this delicious fat to our daily cooking as a vitamin and flavour boost.