What is the difference between Dripping and Tallow?
Tallow is suet dripping. Suet is the fat deposit around the organs. It is highly vascularised and therefore said to have a high nutrient content. It is one of natures richest sources of conjugated linoleic acid CLA. It is much firmer than regular dripping and cooks at higher temperature.
Dripping is made from the more tasty general fat deposits around the body. When derived from free to roam grass fed animals it is often a lovely yellow colour. Usually quite soft it is easy to use. Can be used in frying and deep frying.
Is your Dipping organic?
We prefer to call our dripping ‘pre organic’. Long before organic became something that needed to be registered our farmers were growing their cattle on lush wild paddocks. In order to maximise their profits which were usually quite slim they would use stock rotation instead of fertilisers. Antibiotics are very expensive, especially if they need to be administered by a veterinarian so it is in our farmers best interest to maintain a healthy herd. All our cattle are grown hormone free.
Do your products contain hydrogenated Fats?
 Dripping tallow ghee duck fat
Our products are as primal as possible. As you can see in our photos all fats can be distinguished by their unique colours. This would not be the case after hydrogenation.
Do you deodorise your product?
This one is our favourite question and if you have used the beef product you will understand why. Many people find the beef aroma a bit too strong however when they substitute with Lamb dripping the house may be filled with a lovely lamb roast aroma. Lard is our all time favourite, like cooking with liquid bacon it has a sweet, slightly nutty aroma.
How long does it take to ship my order?
We dispatch twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Orders from Tasmania have to leave the island so they always take a little longer. Our courier will give you a tracking code and you can see exactly where your order is.

Q: How do I store my dripping?
A: Generally dripiing can be stored in the pantry for extended periods but this really depends on how often you use it and what you do with the left overs (cooking excess) after use. From our experience dripping is best stored in a dripping pot next to the stove. If you are buying larger quantities to use over extended periods then dripping is best stored frozen. Our dripping does not have preservatives added. 
Q: How do I use my Dripping Pot?
A: Our dripping pots are earthen ware. They are hand made here in Tasmania and are oven proof. In our personal cooking we try to use excess fat. The fat takes on the flavors of the cooking and will be laden with fat soluble vitamins that have been released during the cooking process. After cooking the leftover fat is carefully poured into the dripping pot. you can continually re-use this or wait until your pot is full. We love putting the whole pot into the oven to achieve a delicious blend of nutrient dense gourmet fat. We usually add a spoon full of our precious fat from the dripping pot to our normal cooking as a vitamin and flavor boost.