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Introducing the Special Fat Club

Enjoy rare gourmet flavours from farms scattered around Tasmania.  

Here in Tasmania we take enormous pride in our effort to grow and provide the best ingredients for our island and exporting it to the world.  You can know exactly where each product comes from. You might even know the person, or the family, who owned the same piece of land for generations.  
In our relentless quest for quality products, we scour the forgotten corners of our pristine island home, and connect these families.
Limited by season and size, it is our privilege and pleasure to offer you a curated selection of rare flavours from their farms.  
Each harvest is unique and finite, in some cases not to be seen again for many years.
Members enjoy exclusive first access to our product releases and can enjoy premium exotic flavours sustainably sourced from pristine locations around the majestic island of Tasmania. 
Join the club and share the experience with your friends and family.  
Once gone, they may never come back.