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Artisan Soaps | Bouquet of Hearts | 400g

Artisan Soaps | Bouquet of Hearts | 400g

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Indulge yourself or a loved one with the limited release of our extremely popular 4 pack of soap in a beautiful heart shape. These are a full sized bar and the heart shape makes them easy to use from the first use.  

Featuring the ever popular; Plain, Storm, Wild & Nude.

All our tallow based soaps are rich in natural glycerine which luxuriously draws moisture to both hair and skin.

Pure - Our original Tallow Soap is the base of all our soaps. Made with Grass-Fed Tallow, Tasmanian Olive Oil and Tasmanian Bees Wax. Super-fatted, plus rich in natural Glycerine this soap is an all-rounder. Beautiful just as a body bar, cleansing mild and moisturising for hair and scalp

Storm - Like the dark storm clouds bringing cleansing ocean rains, this soap contains activated charcoal leaving your skin feeling nourished, moisturised and detoxed.

Wild - Zeolite mud allows our soap to capture and hold the essence of Tasmania. Infused with native oils - lemon myrtle - this soap will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Nude - We take our inspiration from Tasmania's iconic button grass plains. The coarse coffee grounds allow for mild exfoliation while antioxidants, glycerine and extra fat nourish, cleanse and hydrate tired skin.