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Pork Crackling | Tasmanian Made | 50g
Nutritional Information Panel, Pork Crackling, 50g

Pork Crackling | Tasmanian Made | 50g

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We always recommend seasoning our pork crackle with some additional salt to cut through the fat and give it the ideal 'zing' of flavour! To personal taste, of course, so it’s ideal for individuals that don’t like as much salt 🤌🏻🤌🏻

Crunchy, crispy & crazily tasty crackle sourced from Tasmanian pork which is then fortified with our Beef Tallow for a nutritious boost, then seasoned with Tasman Sea Salt for a moreish mouth experience.

With no added preservatives these moreish morsels taste full of meaty and fatty flavours to satiate any salty, crunchy, or animal-based cravings you might have! 

These are a diet-friendly and fulfilling food that will have you wondering where the contents of your packet went! … and when can you enjoy the next one 🤤 

Ingredients: pork skin, beef tallow, and sea salt.

There is a buy limit of 10 packets per order to help simplify the fulfilment logistics.
Please contact us should you wish to purchase more than 10 packets at once.