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Moisturiser | Kunzea | 100mL

Moisturiser | Kunzea | 100mL

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This is a rich, creamy and super moisturising product perfect for Australia's harsh climate.

Combining the natural goodness of emulsified Tasmanian grass-fed fats, organic glycerine and organic Tasmanian Kunzea to heal and moisturise your skin.

An aromatically unique essential oil derived from the Kunzea ambigua plant capturing the essence of the native Tasmanian island.

Clean, fresh medicinal aroma; eucalyptus with background spicy, woody and sweet notes of the Tasmanian bush.

With incredible anti-inflammatory + pain relieving properties, Tasmanian Kunzea Ambigua is essential to assisting with arthritis, rheumatism and muscular aches & pains!

Use this any time of the day. The cream rubs in extremely well leaving minimum residue while imparting a healthy glow.

This is also excellent for hair and scalp health for sufferers of dandruff, plus with good styling properties to replace any hair holds you currently use and finding uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

We have added 0.5% of preservative to increase shelf life.

Water, Tallow, Olivem 1000, Glycerine, Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oil of Kunzea.

GROSS weight: 230g


  • Keep in temperatures below 30 degrees and out of direct sunlight to maintain the shelf life of this balm.
  • As we do not de-odourise our tallow used for skincare then there will be a 'beefy' smell to the product which may be off-putting to unfamiliar noses.
  • We recommend consulting your GP or a dermatologist if intending to use our products with pre-existing skin issues.