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Beef Tallow | 100% Tasmanian Grass-Fed | 4L

Beef Tallow | 100% Tasmanian Grass-Fed | 4L

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This is our first and foremost important product.
A gold medal winner at the Royal Hobart Show 2018, this premium tallow is sourced from the suet of free-to-roam, 100% grass-fed cows reared on seasonal Tasmanian soils.

Fresh farmed produce that is basically from our paddocks to your table!
Our beef tallow is firm but silky and will become an everyday ingredient in your cooking with a large variety of uses that enhances the taste of your dishes.

It has a very high melting point and awesome for all cooking oil/fat needs and is an ideal fat for deep frying foods in due to its high smoke point of approx. 200 degrees. We're super happy to offer this awesome Tasmanian product for all sorts of use, from cooking in your home or commercial kitchen, to using it in your skincare products.

Speaking of; this premium Tasmanian tallow is the base of all our quality skincare products which is a great healer of damaged skin and could be worth a try for any skin issues you might have - always check with your GP/Specialist if any concerns though!

Most importantly:

A great source of omega-6 fatty acids in the form of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is 300-500% higher in our grass-fed beef compared to grain-fed.

CLA is 1 of 2 essential fatty acids for humans, so get into it!

99% Unprocessed:

The spare 1% is the process purifying the fat for you.

Shelf life:

Approx. 12 months.

Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Best kept refrigerated for longer storage options;
BUT, can "sweat" in warmer/humid climates and if moisture gets trapped in the container then spoilage can occur - be mindful of moving the fat between temps.

Note: Beef fat can basically keep indefinitely if uncontaminated by foreign foods or water.