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Fat Coins - Tassie Tallows Frequent Shopper Discounts

FAQ - Fat Coins: How to Shop, Share & Save
  1. Introduction
  2. How it works
  3. Referrals
  4. How to find points
  5. Important Notes
  6. Other FAQ
Once upon a time you knew the names of people you passed in the street and when you shopped you were greeted by name.  Community was built on friendship, trust and generosity. 
Much like the land we work with; as we take care of it - it takes care of us.  
So it makes sense that you should be rewarded for shopping with us.  

We use a system that rewards you with points (we call them Fat Coins). 
How it works
Once you sign up for it, every dollar you spend becomes a point.  Once you earn enough points you will automatically get a coupon which can be used to claim a discount on your next purchase.  
  1. Spend to get Points. 
  2. Use the Coupon. 
  3. Get the Discount.

You can also refer friends to shop with us and earn a straight discount after they buy! Just copy the link and share it with your friends!
Note: More info found at the homepage (opens new website)

How to find your points

  1. Fastest way is to search for in your email inbox (including junk) 
  2. Look for a colour pop-up in the bottom corner.  
Tassie Tallow Discount Codes - Referral rewards


Important things to note:

This is an opt-in process.
In order to protect your privacy and personal information - we can't 'just add you', or automatically sign you up to it.  

You can't get points if you're not logged in.
The system works - but only if you're 'digitally visible' & signed in.  If you're not logged in to either the shopify store, we can't assign you points to your account. (again; digital identity protection)

The referral rewards only work if the other person completes their order.
You get your referral code only when your friend makes their first order.  It's not 'every time' or 'anytime' - it's a once off referral, but you can make as many referrals as you like.  

Other FAQ

Can new customers log in?

The customer's email needs to already be in the stores database. This means new customers cannot sign into the panel. They will need to make a purchase or sign-up through the account creation page on the store first.

Do customers need to log in before checkout?

Yes, customers will need to access the panel to log in. They can do so on any page up to the cart page. But once they reach checkout, the panel is not accessible. 

Will this log customers into the store?

No, if customers want to access their store account information, they will need to log in to the regular account creation page. The Smile Panel only logs customers in for Smile.

Will customers who log in to the store still need to do this?

If a customer logs into their store account, it will automatically log them into the Panel.