Shaving Set & Soap | #2

Shaving Set & Soap | #2

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Handmade in Tasmania from our most famous timbers - Huon Pine (1 left) or Sassafras (2 left).

This is the perfect gift for someone with a bit of grooming pizazz.

Comes with one tin of our beautiful tallow shaving soap.
Shaving with our handmade shaving soap has a different outcome to industrial shaving foams or gels. Natural glycerine in the soap draws moisture to the stubble softening it for an easy cut. Glycerine is a natural humectant that also draws moisture to the skin. Coupled with a little extra fat (~10%) in the soap leaves you feeling smooth cleansed and moisturised.

Reduce plastic waste and consider this shaver as it takes a Gillette Mach3 head replacement. The link below directs to discounted refill packs.