Shaving Soap | Kunzea | 130g

Shaving Soap | Kunzea | 130g

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We all know tea tree oil – a natural antibacterial oil native to Australia.

But what about the oil from Tassie native kunzea? Though lesser known than tea tree, kunzea has been used topically by Aboriginal communities in Tasmania to relieve irritated skin and muscular aches and pains for thousands of years.

Kunzea ambigua – sometimes known as tick bush – grows well in Tassie’s native bush. Chances are if you haven’t noticed its white blossoms, you’ve gotten a whiff of its gentle, aromatic fragrance.

Kunzea is the active ingredient in many Australian anti-inflammatory creams and balms and soaps.

Source: UTAS Website 

Natural glycerin from the saponification of tallow softens tough whiskers while the olive oil and bees wax make for nice consistency and lather.