Beef Tallow - 500mL | 100% Tasmanian Grass Fed

Beef Tallow - 500mL | 100% Tasmanian Grass Fed

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This is our first and foremost important product. A gold medal winner at the Royal Hobart Show 2018, this premium tallow is derived from the suet of free to roam, grass-fed animals reared on Tasmanian soils. You'll find this fat is firm but silky, adding an amazing scent and flavour to your dishes. Perfectly viable as a substitute for cooking with butter, olive oil and other oils. It has a very high melting point and awesome for quickly searing meats, stir-fry, flash fry and is an ideal fat for deep frying foods in too. We're huge fans of cooking anything else Tasmanian made we can get our hands on in it, combining the raw-edged, pure of heart produce that graces our gardens and paddocks with this repurposed byproduct is an absolute delight for the home or commercial kitchen! We're happy to offer this exclusive Tasmanian product for all sorts of use.

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Tallow is suet dripping. Suet is a highly vascularised, nutrient-dense fat deposit surrounding the internal organs. It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and one of the best sources of CLA - conjugated linoleic acid. A fatty acid that's 300-500% more evident in grass-fed sources.

This premium Tasmanian tallow is extensively used in the production of our quality skincare products.

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